EVPN Route Types

Route Type Description RFC Route Type Explained
0 Reserved RFC 7432
1 Ethernet Auto-Discovery (A-D) route RFC 7432 EVPN Type 1 Explained
2 MAC/IP advertisement route RFC 7432 EVPN Type 2 Explained
3 Inclusive Multicast Route RFC 7432 EVPN Type 3 Explained
4 Ethernet Segment Route RFC 7432 EVPN Type 4 Explained
5 IP Prefix Route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-prefix-advertisement-04 EVPN Type 5 Explained
6 Selective Multicast Ethernet Tag Route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy-00 EVPN Type 6 Explained
7 IGMP Join Synch Route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy-00 EVPN Type 7 Explained
8 IGMP Leave Synch Route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy-00  EVPN Type 8 Explained
9 Per-Region I-PMSI A-D route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-bum-procedure-updates-01
10 S-PMSI A-D route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-bum-procedure-updates-01
11 Leaf A-D route draft-ietf-bess-evpn-bum-procedure-updates-01
12-255 Unassigned


EVPN MPLS Port-Based VLAN-Aware Bundle Service

In this article, we will review EVPN MPLS Port-Based VLAN-Aware Bundle Service  configuration example using Juniper MX devices. As per Port-Based VLAN-Aware service definition in RFC7432, all of the VLANs on the port are part of the same service and are mapped to a single bundle without any VID translation.

EVPN VLAN-Aware Bundle Service
EVPN VLAN-Aware Bundle Service

In our sample, we will add L3 IRB interfaces to VLANs, simulating L3 Default Gateways.
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