Cisco / Juniper Troubleshooting Commands

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This document provides a cheat sheet of commonly used troubleshooting commands used in Cisco and Juniper environments. The list is incomplete. Please send us a note if you want to contribute.


Cisco IOS Juniper JunOS Description
show tech-support request support info
request support information | save /var/tmp/RSI.txt
file archive compress source RSI.txt destination RSI.txt.tgz
Gather support info for vendor’s TAC
show hardware show chassis hardware Show hardware-related info
show version show system uptime Show system’s uptime
show processes cpu
show processes cpu sorted
show processes cpu history
show chassis routing-engine
show system processes extensive
show system threads
Verify CPU Utilization
show processes memory
show memory summary
show system processes extensive
show task memory detail
Verify Memory Utilization
dir bootflash: show system core-dumps Check for crash files / core dumps
dir file list Show directory structure
show system storage Verify available storage space
show users show system users List connected users
clear line X request system logout user ABC Disconnect user
start shell Enter Unix Shell
monitor traffic interface ge-0/0/1 Monitor traffic on the interface (will not show transit packets)
monitor traffic interface ge-0/0/1 write-file test.pcap Write control pacets into pcap file
show snmp mib walk . Walk SNMP OID directly on a router
request system software rollback Request to the previous software version

L3 Routing

Static, Connected Routes and Routing Table

Cisco IOS Juniper JunOS Description
show ip route show route Show routing table
show ip cef show route forwarding-table Show forwarding table
show ip route connected show route protocol direct Show directly connected (attached) routes
show ip route static show route protocol static Show static routes
show route hidden Show hidden routes. Invalid route, e.g. route with unreachable next-hop will be marked as hidden


Cisco IOS Juniper JunOS Description
show ip bgp summary show bgp summary Show summary view of BGP neighbors
show ip bgp neighbor A.A.A.A advertised show route advertising-protocol bgp A.A.A.A Check routes advertised towards a peer
show ip bgp neighbor A.A.A.A received show route receive-protocol bgp A.A.A.A Check routes received from a peer
show ip bgp show route protocol bgp Check BGP routes


IOS IOS-XR JunOS Description
show clns interface show isis interface show isis interface Show IS-IS enabled interfaces
show clns neighbors show isis adjacency show isis adjacency Show protocol adjacencies
show clns traffic show isis statistics show isis statistics IS-IS statistics
show isis database show isis database show isis database Brief Database Information
show isis database verbose show isis database verbose show isis database extensive Detailed Database Information
show ip route isis show route isis show route protocol isis IS-IS learned routes
  show isis adjacency-log


show isis error-log

   IS-IS historical information



2 thoughts on “Cisco / Juniper Troubleshooting Commands”

  1. Hi Guys,
    I just found your site and I like it, thanks.
    My question is about bgp, what is the best command to use when you reset a neighbor so you do not reset the whole bgp connections .

    thanks guys,
    great site

    1. Hi JC,

      You can do ‘soft’ BGP set. Depending on the equipment you use, the command will be ‘clear IP bgp soft-out’ or something similar.

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