EVPN Terminology Reference (RFC 7432, etc)

  • AC, A-C: Attachment Circuit
  • AD, A-D: Ethernet Auto-Discovery route
  • Ethernet Segment (ES): When a customer site (device or network) is connected to one or more PEs via a set of Ethernet links, then that set of links is referred to as an ‘Ethernet segment’.
  • Ethernet Segment Identifier (ESI): A unique non-zero identifier that identifies an Ethernet segment is called an ‘Ethernet Segment Identifier’. ESI 0 denotes a single-homed site.  ESI {0xFF} (repeated 10 times) is known as MAX-ESI.
  • Ethernet Tag: An Ethernet tag identifies a particular broadcast domain, e.g., a VLAN. An EVPN instance consists of one or more broadcast domains.
  • Ethernet Tag ID: 32-bit field containing either a 12-bit or 24-bit identifier that identifies a particular broadcast domain (e.g., a VLAN) in an EVPN instance.
  • EVI: An EVPN Instance spanning the Provider Edge (PE) devices participating in that EVPN.
  • EVPN: Ethernet Virtual Private Network.
  • IPL: IP address length
  • IRB: Integrated Routing and Bridging interface
  • NVE: Network Virtualization Edge
  • MAC-VRF: A Virtual Routing and Forwarding table for Media Access Control (MAC) addresses on a PE.
  • MAX-ET: Reserved Ethernet Tag ID {0xFFFFFFFF} is known as MAX-ET
  • ML: MAC address length
  • TS: Tenant System
  • VA: Virtual Appliance

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