EVPN MPLS VLAN-Based Configuration

Configuration examples of VLAN-Based EVPN service using MPLS Dataplane Encapsulation in Segment Routing-Enabled Juniper Network.

Complete Configuration Repository on GitHub:

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Segment Routing Cisco – Juniper Interop Design

Cisco and Juniper Segment Routing Interoperability design with configuration examples.  IS-IS based IGP topology.

Complete configuration repository on GitHub: https://github.com/bgphelp/blueprints/tree/master/1-SR-Cisco-Juniper


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LDP to Segment Routing (also known as SR and SPRING) Migration Steps

Step-by-step migration from LDP-based design to Segment Routing topology in Juniper environment.  In this example, we will be using IS-IS as IGP protocol. 
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